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Standard Perspectives CourseMinimize

Details of the Canberra Perspectives Course (Standard Program) to be conducted from  3 March 2014.

Times and Dates


Dinner on site between 6PM and 6:45PM
Course runs from 7PM to 9:30PM


Tuggeranong Baptist Church



Register ONLINE at this web site

Registration for the course should be made on the form included on the coloured Perspectives brochure, printed from the web site or you can register online. 


Steven Mogg  at:            0415511010          

Total cost for the 12-week course is $195.00 (includes reader)
This includes the comprehensive Perspectives Reader and detailed Study Guide
Participants have the option of paying either the full amount or a $20.00 deposit when registering. Participants paying a deposit will be expected to pay the balance on the first evening of the course. In either case, a $15 discount will apply to participants who register before 5 March.
Cheques should be made payable to “PSP Perspectives Study Programme.”
Indicative Program  (as of 2012) This years program available on request or on the first night










The Biblical Perspective 

19 March

1. The Living God is a Missionary God

26 March

2. The Obligation and the Opportunity

  2 April

3. A Man and a Message for All Peoples 

 16 April

4. The Gospel Unleashed


 NO Holiday Break


The Historical Perspective 

23 April

5. Expansion of the World Christian Movement

30 April 6. Modern Missionary Movement

5-6 May

 Planned Date for Weekend Retreat


The Cultural Perspective 

7 May

7. A World of Difference

14 May

8. How Shall They Hear?


The Strategic Perspective 

21 May

9. The Task Remaining


10. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

4 June

11. Serving as Senders

18 June

12. World Christian Discipleship 

25 June


 Graduation Dinner Celebration Dinner – 18 June

Note that there will be a three-week break during the April school holidays.







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